Beware of technology success stories

People keep saying things like this:

I’ve found Apache/mod_perl to satisfy all of my webdev environment requirements

But your configuration was fragile, your scripts all ran as the same user code, you couldn’t debug it, and you used every little gimmicky feature and now nobody can understand how the damned thing fits together.

We managed to scale MySQL to run massive sites like LiveJournal

But you threw away the database and re-wrote the critical parts yourself, instead of using a database that scales by virtue of implementing the important features you need to scale. And you didn’t even really have a challenging problem to scale; your data set is inherantly partitionable.

I’ve found SVK/Subversion to suit all of my VCS needs

But you’re not micro-branching, nobody reviews and critiques the commits you make and hence the projects you work on are a mess.

Class::DBI fills all of my SQL abstraction needs

But you hardcoded your SQL.

I could go on. Love is blinding, and when you love a piece of software, sometimes you miss out on a lot.

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