Letter to the court

This is my communication with my case manager at the Ministry of Justice:

The correspondance from Referee Smallbone writes:

The claim is dismissed.

The applicant did not appear.  The respondent did appear.


The Tribunal presented its findings following the hearing on 13th
December 2010.

There has been no new evidence presented today that would
change the decision and find in the applicant's favour.

The case was adjourned at Vodafone’s request. I had no evidence to present, in fact I was not allowed to present any new evidence, I believe.

Vodafone were supposed to explain their communications to me, which were demonstrably false. This ruling does nothing to explain what explanation Vodafone gave for these false communications.

Please explain why the case was dismissed without there being an answer to this.

However the referee ruled that the tribunal could not rule on the section of the Fair Trading Act 1986 that I chose to use and so the case was entirely held under the Consumer Guarantees Act. Would it be possible to raise another case, under the Fair Trading Act?

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