A couple of recent observations

My previous posts were written right after the court case; now, I have the benefit of some hindsight as well as some interesting interactions with people who work at Vodafone.

The first is that despite Vodafone’s claims in court, they have been working towards notifications, now apparently sent out at 5MB and 8MB of usage. In court, the Vodafone rep claimed that “customers did not want that”. Apparently, this has recently gone to production, in the last 2-3 weeks.

Another thing I did was I managed to get out at Kiwifoo, and he actually said that one thing he had always hoped they would do was put more prominent warnings on the online usage page about the charges being delayed.

Whether that didn’t happen deliberately or due to incompetence is up to you to decide.

Sadly, my court case closed on Monday and in the warm afterglow of holiday mode I completely forgot to attend; the case manager at the district court says I may be able to ask for a re-hearing. Hopefully I didn’t just lose by default. But it does mean I didn’t get to hear Vodafone’s excuse for sending out the text messages.

I may still be able to take them up on the clause of the Fair Trading Act that I didn’t use before, as the previous case was under the Consumer Guarantees Act. I’ll be filing that once I hear back from the court. Using a section they have jurisdiction over this time. I think I can use at least section 11 and section 13

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